Effective training

Efficient implementation of strategy and goals needs efficient leadership, interaction and communication and effective rewards. We train our clients in performance management and rewards. We organize client specific tailored trainings for board members, executives, managers, HR-professionals and personnel.

Performance management and rewards training

Yrityskohtainen valmennusClient focused trainings are targeted at organizations that want to develop the attitudes, knowledge and skills of managers, HR or personnel in performance management and rewards.

Practical trainings are designed together with client to be a part of a wider training program or an individual separate coaching. The training can also be linked as part of new salary and reward structure, performance management or HR information system implementation and change management. The training can vary in duration from few hours to a day or to an entity of few days. The trainings can be carried out in Finnish or English.

Examples of possible training modules:

  • Role and career pathway structure and job grading
  • Performance management and reward entity
  • Seetting targets and indicators, follow-up and feedback
  • Performance evaluation, rewards, and corrective actions
  • Short/long term incentive plan structure
  • Sales roles, targets, incentives and bonuses
  • Evaluating and developing executive remuneration as a whole
  • Discussing salaries and remuneration

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