Reward Agency relocates in Asia

Reward Agency Asia moved their operations to Malaysia in spring 2018. Our Malaysian office is located in Johor Bahru, near the border of Singapore, from where it is easy to serve clients especially in ASEAN, but also more widely in APAC. The company is managed by Ville Kämppi.

Singapore is a highly developed centre of South-East Asian capital markets with a dynamic economy and highly educated workforce. The “Little Red Dot”-as the country often describes itself, is very strong in  finance and technology as well as services, especially oil & gas. In addition to these the country is a global logistical hub and 25% of the world’s traded goods are shipped through the narrow straits of Malacca, emphasizing its strategic importance.

The economic growth in Asian countries has been between 2-8% over the last few years, depending partly on the countries’ economic maturity. Nevertheless the growth has been extended and sustainable and is projected to continue well into the current century. As the region grows so does its purchasing power and appetite for trade with the rest of the world.

We aim to help our clients to manage their HR challenges in this rapidly changing environment by tailoring custom-made solutions for different business needs. This may include managing growth, structural re-organisations, help during investments or divestments or simply managing costs and performance efficiently during more stable operations.

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