Effective consulting

The critical factors behind successful implementation of strategy and goals are efficient leadership and effective rewards. We help our clients to manage performance and develop rewarding. The projects vary from advise and sparring to strategic change management projects. Our client focused solutions are based on extensive know-how, years of experience and a clear vision of what constitutes good leadership and rewards.

Clear roles and competencies

Selkeät roolit ja urapolutThe key issue in good leadership is clarity. Clarity in strategy, long-term goals, roles, responsibilities and competencies sets the foundation for individual target setting. Every individual needs to know why the organisation exists, what is expected of them, what they need to do and what is being pursued. Clear role and competency structures are the core of modern and efficient people management.

Role and competency structures support the implementation of strategy and achieving goals through central HR processes. The structures create a foundation for performance management, recruitments, competence management, career and succession planning as well as rewards. Role and competency structures’ central building blocks are clear role descriptions, grade/levelling structures and the competencies required by the roles. Clearly defined role and competency structures also create the foundation for efficient HRIS enrolment and utilization.

Our professional services are:

  • Designing role/job structures and competency models
  • Evaluation and development of organizational structures
  • Job grading structures and job evaluations
  • Implementing and communicating role and competency structures

Efficient performance management

Suorituksen johtaminenManaging performance is the most important task of every manager. Defining the most important goals and indicators with regards to strategy implementation is both an art and a science. Setting clear and challenging targets requires business knowledge, analytical mindset, ability fo discern relevant aspects and communication skills. Reaching the desired goals requires commitment to targets and efficient leadership from managers as well as from the individuals.

Different organisations, situations and people require different leadership. Knowledge of roles, responsibilities, attitudes and know-how forms the basis for good management. Good leaders recognize the appropriate ladership styles and practices for different situations and can create a good atmosphere for getting results. This they can achieve in any situation.

Our professional services are:

  • Defining performance management principles
  • Describing the key processes in performance management
  • Defining the targets and measures
  • Utilizing different leadership styles efficiently
  • Evaluating performance and results
  • Positive and amending feedback
  • Change management and implementation

Effective total rewards

PalkitseminenRewards are a central part of performance management. Timely, performance and results based rewarding supports the desired behaviour and achieving the wanted results. At best the rewards practices can motivate and commit people, as long as it is remembered that different people are motivated and committed by different things.

Total rewards is formed of monetary and non-monetary reward elements. Typical monetary elements are base salary, fringe benefits, personnel benefits and different types of short and long term incentives. Non-monetary elements include for example the work content, development opportunities, positive feedback, working environment and flexible working arrangements.

Our professional services are:

  • Defining the total reward philosophy and guiding principles
  • Defining the remuneration policy and key processes
  • Developing the employee and management remuneration
  • Designing short and long term incentive plans
  • Sales salary structures, incentives, bonuses and commissions
  • Rewards and commitment structures in mergers and acquisitions
  • Internal and external salary analyses, interpreting and utilizing salary data
  • Designing salary tables and the structures for base salaries
  • Designing salary increase principles and processes
  • More efficient utilization and bidding of salary market data (e.g. Mercer, Hay, Towers Watson, Aon Hewitt)

Influential communication

Vaikuttava viestintäEngagement surveys usually identify two areas of discontent: rewards and communication. Rewarding is a sensitive and a personal topic. Discontent is guaranteed, if rewarding is seen only as a monetary salary and allowances and then communicated likewise both internally and externally only through monetary elements.

The significance of influential communication and reporting is growing all the time. The rewards structures need to be communicated clearly and efficiently to all stakeholders: owners, the board, personnel, clients, partners and officials. The actual rewards and its principles cannot be hidden. Rewarding needs to be open and transparent.

Our professional services are:

  • Communicating reward philosophy and salary policies
  • Communicating role and salary structures
  • Communicating the total rewards at company level
  • Designing individual total reward statatements
  • Communicating short and long term incentive plans
  • Evaluating annual remuneration statements and developing their contents
  • Company specific coaching and trainings as well as individual coaching

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